Monday, May 5, 2014

Winter Dead: Severe Time in the Cities?

It finally seems safe to declare winter dead. Just as last year, it seemed to last forever, defying an ever-increasing direct sun angle. With warm weather finally easing its way this far north, the threat of more than garden variety storms seems possible later this week — or "feisty" weather as our local NWS office calls it.

For the storm-chaser inclined who lack the opportunity or resources to head out in search of nature's violence, one option is to check out ZoomRadar/Severe Studios, which has an interactive map of storm chasers streaming live video from their dashboard cameras. In theory, you can recline in your favorite chair watching the Twins while virtually being in the car with the storm chaser of your choice by watching your computer or favorite mobile device. A cool concept, and one that may just come into play later this week. Also, for those of you are weather bloggers, it's something you can easily incorporate (for free) on your sites.