Thursday, August 28, 2014

Earthquakes 101

The "South Napa" Earthquake, as it's now being called, provided quite the educational opportunity for Bay Area natives. Just as Minnesotans are conversive in dewpoints and can recall the years and locations of tornado outbreaks, Californians can name notable earthquakes and speak with considerable facility about the types of plate shifting causing the various types of earthquakes. It may not be the kind of weather that fascinates four-season-loving Minnesotans, but it's still pretty interesting stuff.

(Former Minnesotan experiences first earthquake.)

Here are some random pictures from local weather segments and other media communications in the days immediately following the South Napa Earthquake.

The UC Berkeley early warning project provided a 10-second quake warning and was close in magnitude prediction.

The inevitable comparisons began immediately.

An explanation of the different types of quakes.

California version of a winter survival kit.

Aftershocks -- the rest of the story.

An aftershock forecast of sorts.
The wind down.

US Geological Survey does a great job capturing data. This is the report we submitted.

Dire warnings for next time.....


  1. Great post, Bill! I always enjoy when the geologic events occur that the 'station scientist' is put into action to help detail and explain the situation. From the graphics above it seems they did a decent enough job. I can hope/imagine the tv weathercasters have some background/knowledge of plate tectonics, geomorphology and basic physical geography given where they live and work.

    Nice post and thanks for sharing for us folk back in the hinterland region of the Upper Midwest. :)


    1. Thanks, Daniel. I'm very fascinated by the whole thing. And yes, the level of discourse among even "regular people" demonstrates a fair level of understanding. I assume earthquake education/awareness takes a spot in the average California student's school curriculum.

  2. Again Bill thanks for keeping us updated on the earthquake situation....fascinating stuff!.....Did you happen to read the CWA forecast from the NWS service this morning?......they mention the potential/possibility for frost one week from today...yes!, the seasons are a changing!

  3. BIG changes in MN weather this week, time for a new thread? GFS painted the S word in northern MN for this weekend.

  4. Added new post for chilly weather.