Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Forecast Analysis for Aug. 6-7 - No Clear Winners

We did another extended weekend forecast analysis for this past weekend's weather (Aug. 6-7) as predicted on the night of Sunday, July 31. There were no clear winners for the forecast and what seems most noteworthy is that none of the weather outlets latched on to the 6-degree decrease in temps that occurred from Saturday to Sunday.

The forecasts:(Sat/Sun)
KARE: mid 80s nice/low 80s chance of t-storm
KSTP: 86/86, 30% each day
FOX: 86/86, chance t-storm Saturday night
WCCO: 86/85 (chance t-storm on Sunday)
NWS: 84/86, slight chance of t-storm each day
Accuweather: 84 nice/85 t-storm possible
Weather.com: 83 partly cloudy/81 scatter t-storms
Intellicast: 82 partly cloudy/80 (scattered t-storm)
Strib: 85/84 scattered pm storms each day

What actually happened:
Saturday: Partly cloudy, high 88, t-storms
Sunday: Partly cloudy, high 82

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