Saturday, June 10, 2017

Farewell Snow, Hello Heat and Severe Storms?

Winter is now a distant memory and summer seems poised to make its presence felt. The hot weather is here -- at least for a day -- and Sunday storms may make headlines. Discuss as you wish.


  1. Great storm!! Lots of great shelf cloud photos out there!

  2. And snowblowers were used and plows were out!

  3. Been a while since there was much to talk about. It looks like tomorrow could provide some free entertainment from Mother Nature again. Western MN especially.

  4. Beginning to believe that we in the northern metro may once again miss out on what looked like a promising rain event. The one about 7 days ago missed us entirely. With 925-850 mb closed low over the metro, it wouldn't surprise me to see the surface low tugged on a more northerly course than what current models are showing. It's hard to type this in early August....but the metro could get dry slotted. I am watering as I type this.

  5. Hello Bill,
    Long time no talk, how have you been?....Anyhow I know this is a weather forum so I'll stick to that. So Bill are you done with this forum or just waiting for the snow to fly, has been no new thread for four months! What you think about starting a new one, maybe getting people's thoughts on the upcoming winter season, most of us just observed our first frost of the season, snowflakes can't be too far away!

    1. Hey Big Daddy. Hope all's well with you. Yea, this blog seems focused on winter weather/snow more than pop-up severe weather. I'll start a new thread on winter thoughts though it seems like most winter forecasts don't start until November.

  6. All is well Bill, thanks for asking and thanks for the new thread. Yes I agree more people like to talk about winter and snow more(myself included).Its a tad early, but once you get past Halloween the snow talk will gain traction. Here's to a snowy winter!