Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thoughts on Winter?

It's on the early side for wholesale predictions to come out on the upcoming winter, but it's never too early to start thinking about it (this being Minnesota, after all). What are your bones telling you about the winter of 17-18? Do you have any thoughts to share?


  1. After a dismal El nino focused year, certainly the only way to go is up. Obviously it is way too early to throw out any specifics, but with the way things are developing it would appear that we will not have a repeat of last year. Hoping for the best and can't wait to see this active again!

  2. On the 10/15 KSTP 10pm news Dave Dahl showed a graphic where he predicted 52" of snow for the metro this year. He said that was based on the average of the recent years where hurricane activity was strong. If someone finds a link to that graphic or video please post it for all posterity.

    1. Found a link to video; they spelled precip wrong and I can't capture the photo unless I 'take a photo.' Plus it doesn't have a 'year' on it, so he could always claim it was a different winter. I try to follow lore like where the squirrels are building their nests - up high or down low. Most were way up high the polar vortex winter of '13-'14. This year, too, a lot of them are fairly up high while last year's nests were mostly down low/mid-trees. Here's to a decent winter...... looks like some snow is going to mix in with rain in the upcoming week! KSTP link, hoping it's the real deal: