Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter Snowstorm?

While most winter lovers had given up on the season, there appears to be one more chance for significant snow. How white might Easter Sunday be? Your thoughts?


  1. This is it PWL! Your last shot to pull out a winning bet.....some models are in your favor and some models aren’t. It just seems the bust potential with this one is so high, with it being April and the gradient over MSP yet again and models moving the last few days...anything could happen from just a dusting to an overachieving foot of snow in and around MSP.
    But you know what’s going to happen right, PWL? MSP(the airport where nobody lives) will measure something like 4.8 or 5.6 and your betting Anonymous will say “see I told you it won’t snow 6” in one storm” yet all he has babbled about the last two months was winter was over and snow was done and here we are on April 12 sitting with a Winter Storm Watch!
    Will be interesting to see what the final prognosis will be with the models today and see what the short term models spit out!

  2. Anonymous (Original Bet with PWL)April 11, 2020 at 11:41 AM

    First of all keep your 'babbling' insults to yourself.

    Second point: it was PWL that agreed on the bet of 6+ inches. I even offered to lower it to 3 inches and PWL wanted to stick with 6.
    Third point: a winter storm watch does not mean winter is not over; the NWS can issue any watches or warnings they want; what matters is what ended up doing.

    Fourth point: as a snow lover I'll be more than happy to lose the bet.

    And most importantly: keep your insults to yourself!

    1. I'm with bigdaddy. All I ever saw from you in the last thread was saying things along the lines of "winter is over", over and over again.

  3. Dude! Seriously come on are we really that soft that we’re offended by the word “babbling”, apparently we are or you would not have mentioned it twice! It wasn’t meant as an insult, it’s just that you went on and on and on about the same thing for months just to shot down PWL’s joy of snow and hope of snow. One reply to his comments ok but at every turn you shot him down, you could have easily said nothing, that’s the reasoning I said babbling.
    And to your other points I know a Watch doesn’t mean winter isn’t over and matters what the final result is, that’s why if you read carefully I did say it could be a dusting to potentially a foot, I just feel this storm has that possibility more so then other storms due to the factors I said in my other post.
    And if your a snowlover you shouldn’t talk so down on snow even if you really believe it won’t happen, if you truly are a snowlover you should be more like PWL and have faith on it will happen and if it doesn’t and a bust occurred then have faith it will happen next time or hope on surprises or missed forecasts, because I say it and believe it often that with snow more so then with any other precipitation surprises occur.
    And in ending if we’re all snowlovers here then hopefully the advisory forecast is wrong and it busts in the order of a foot for Minneapolis.
    Happy Shelter in Place Easter to those who celebrate it!

  4. Time to chime in. But as I start the post: Bring it!

    It was a challenge to find diapers in the stores today - many are gone, bu went with an off brand and thought maybe this will get the 6+ inches to happen. We will see!!

    This storm is going to make this bet very interested over the next 24+ hours. And remember, we agreed that the official snow amount is what is taken at the airport. (I am glad the airport is on the SE side!! And currently the NWS has 6.1 predicted on their hourly forecast graph for Bloomington! Close.)

    By the way, Anonymous (Original Bet with PWL), it wasn't just you and me who had the bet. Yes, we did have the original bet as I challenged you on the idea that snow was done for the year in the metro. And then others jumped in and agreed with one side or the other. This is the beauty of it. We all were a part of this. I just challenged the historical idea that we would go all through March and April (and even May) without just ONE 6+ inch snowfall in the Twin Cities. It may not happen, but the odds were with me. I should have taken you on not more 3+ inch downgrade that you suggested. But I held to my bet and we will see.

    This storm is coming in stronger. I don't think the metro will get the brunt of it (as the models have agreed on a south of the metro solution), but I think the entire storm will be stronger making amounts more all over.

    This is fun. We will have a record breaking Easter snow (current Easter record is 2.5 inches I think), no one has to go anywhere, we are under a stay at home order, and we can just watch it snow like crazy from our living rooms with some of our loved ones. Heck, bring them outside and play in it! Awesome!

    Dancing!! Bring it!

  5. Paul Douglas says that April has brought some big snows the past two years, and this is the 'three-peat' in my book. Who can forget April 13-16, 2018 with 15.8 inches in the metro, or last year's April 10-12 9.8 inches? I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. What a contrast to today. "Bring it," indeed. Dance on, PWL!

  6. Replies
    1. He's been fairly quiet/hasn't mentioned a video on FB. All I've seen to date on that platform is the prediction that something was coming for the holiday and the ensuing discussion w/followers and then the snow totals/gradient map posted this morning. I hope you get your wish, PWL.

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  8. Same in St Louis Park........ starting to stick on some walkways/streets instead of just melting....................that's one big snow band on the radar.

  9. Retarded Minnesota weather, as usual.

  10. Pretty offensive Anonymous at 12:48.

    We can do better than to use words like this. This is offensive.

    1. Agreed. I was going to say something about 12:48, but some anonymous folks will say this stuff no matter what........ BTW, the snow totals have been upped for St Louis Park.......4-9" spread probably dependent on melting. Dance, dance, dance.

  11. It better hurry up.
    Don't see anything here except a constituted Minnesota winter snowstorm.
    Which looks to be mostly done in the cities by 7p. ..maybe

  12. @PWL you may be close to claiming victory from babbling anonymous(yes bigdaddy was correct), I’m hearing reports of 6” near the airport, even if it’s not 6” I still give you the win because today proves “winter wasn’t over” regardless what MSP’s final number is.
    Happy Easter all!

  13. Congratulations PWL! It took a long time, probably the very last snow of the season, many were doubtful it would happen and they doubted your enthusiasm, your logic and your all round passion for snow. I didn’t, I was with you and today we enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty....took the dog for a long walk during the heaviest part of the snow...had a snowball fight with the kids and neighboring kids and grilled Easter brats while sucking down an adult beverage while it was lightly snowing. Best Quarantined Easter ever!!

  14. Before I get over excited, what was the official airport total?

  15. Reported by

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Easter Bunny may have had the spotlight this Sunday, but it ended up looking a lot like Christmas.

    WCCO Meteorologist Lisa Meadows says the south metro saw the most accumulation, with 7.5 inches in Shakopee as of early Sunday evening, 7 feet in Apple Valley and 6 feet in Woodbury. Winds throughout the state were averaging in the 20-mile-per-hour range, but due to the temperature being near freezing point, the snow was heavy and wet, and wasn’t able to blow around much. The snowfall did create poor visibility for drivers.


    That's a lot of winter snow boys and girls...

  17. Well the airport measured 5.1.....but plenty cities all around the airport and even a spotter in Bloomington measured in excess of 6” and even 7” totals. Like I said yesterday if it drops short the so-called snow lover anonymous will come on here and brag and “say see I told you so it won’t snow 6” again”, when in fact it did all around Minneapolis. Who cares in my opinion it’s just an arbitrary number in a place nobody lives, but I echo @Mark’s post above it clearly proves the winter season wasn’t over. You and Anonymous can go hatch out the details. See you all in October!

    1. The bet was officially 6. PWL still has not won the bet. Trying to explain or spin it doesnt' change the fact that the condition of the bet was not met, officially.

  18. Love ya PWL but this is the last thing I needed today. Was enjoying getting outside in this crazy COVID-19 world. Did not need to see snow!

  19. Although I'm ready for warmer weather, yesterday was beautiful! Have a good summer everyone!

  20. Anonymous (Original Bet with PWL)April 13, 2020 at 10:57 AM

    To be honest I am torn here: yes, the bet officially was 6 inches and it was not met.
    But it is also true that the 'spirit' of the bet was met by PWL (winter and snow being over).
    If PWL had accepted my offer to reduce it to 3 inches, he would have clearly won, but he did not so in a certain sense his extra confidence was not rewarded by Mother Nature.

    In the spirit of Easter I am inclined to call this a tie.

  21. Was the bet for the total at MSP (5.1") or NWS-Chanhassen (6.4")?

  22. This bet was fun. But I need to give my thoughts.

    1. The bet was for the airport. So the 5.1 did not meet my threshold for the bet.

    2. I did not take the 3 inch decrease offer from the original bet with anonymous. I was confident.

    3. The spirit of the bet goes to me. If that’s what we were betting on. But we were betting on the total.

    4. To the spirit of the bet: If one were to look at the comments by quite a few people (most anonymous) they would see many comments that the snow is over, don’t predict a storm when the pattern is dry, it is over, forget about it PWL, etc. I was pushing against the dramatic statements that people were making in even late February. Climatologically, that was silly to say with all of March and April ahead of us.

    5. We had to pick an official spot to make the bet official and the airport seem to make the most sense.

    6. I am impressed at the humility of Anonymous (original bet with PWL) in his graciousness. Nice!!

    7. In the end, the bet has not been won or lost yet. Why? The possible snow season is not yet over.

    Bring it!!

  23. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. I think I just saw that the official MSP measurement was 6.6 inches. Can someone confirm this???

    1212 PM CDT MON APR 13 2020

    ..TIME... ...EVENT... ...CITY LOCATION... ...LAT.LON...
    ..DATE... ....MAG.... ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

    0100 AM SNOW MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL AI 44.88N 93.23W


  25. ...Hennepin County...
    2 ESE Eden Prairie 7.0 in 0800 PM 04/12 Public
    Minneapolis St. Paul Airport 6.6 in 0100 AM 04/13 Official NWS Obs
    2 NE Richfield 6.5 in 0830 PM 04/12 Public
    Edina 1SE 6.0 in 0800 AM 04/13 COCORAHS
    Richfield 6.0 in 0453 PM 04/12 Trained Spotter
    Bloomington 6.0 in 0300 PM 04/12 Trained Spotter
    2 NE Minneapolis 5.8 in 0900 AM 04/13 Cocorahs
    3 ESE Long Lake 5.0 in 0415 PM 04/12 Public
    Minneapolis 4.7 SSW 4.7 in 0800 AM 04/13 COCORAHS
    1 N Plymouth 4.2 in 0715 PM 04/12 Public
    Long Lake 4SW 4.0 in 0800 AM 04/13 COCORAHS
    Long Lake 0.2 WSW 4.0 in 0800 AM 04/13 COCORAHS
    1 SE Maple Grove 3.8 in 0300 PM 04/12 Public
    Maple Grove 1.2 NE 3.2 in 0830 AM 04/13 COCORAHS
    Brooklyn Center 1E 3.0 in 0800 AM 04/13 COCORAHS

    Winner winner chicken dinner!!
    Way to go PWL, we did it....that’s a winning bet!
    Looks like the 5.1” was the 6pm measurement and total snowfall is 6.6”

  26. So there we go. Drop the mic.

    Bet over. All those who said we would get a 6+ inch storm yet this snow season were right. And it was many of us.

    And many (mostly anonymous people) said there would be no way. Snow is done. It is over. Give it up. Etc. it would be nice to hear from some of them to own defeat and their negative, just because comments. But not anonymous (original bet with PWL). He/She rose to the top and took the high road in his last post. Kudos!

    Now spring can come. Bring it!

  27. NWS at their website for 4/12 says 5.4 inches; Chan for that date 6.4 plus as noted above lots of other totals 6+ in the metro. I say great job, PWL. Way to SNOW/GO! Congrats.

  28. 6.6" is the official report for MSP. That's three years in a row now with a mid-April warning-level storm.

    1. Joel, which site did you use? I used noaa's site and clicked on the date of the storm and climatological history for both msp and chan. I didn't see the 6.6 there. Now, I know they have other sites with clickable totals/etc... but I've always used the 'official' msp totals at the climate history links. At any rate, I give the big win to PWL. And just a p.s. The snow squall outside my window right now is so thick, I can't even see a park across the street. It's AWESOME.

  29. As WeatherGeek is noting something does not add up here.
    There is a typo somewhere:
    The NWS daily official summary reports 5.4 (the 5.1 at as of 7pm on Sunday, plus an extea 0.3 inches between 7pm and midnight).
    Yesterday (Monday) another 0.2 of snow showers.
    Looking at radar returns and official hour-by-hour observartions at the airport it makes sense it snowed an extra 0.3 inches between 7pm and midnight Sunday, not 1.3 inches.
    So either the original 5.1 at 7pm was in reality a 6.1 or the 6.6 officialy is in reality 5.6.
    I think it will need to be officially verified as even the NWS is reporting inconsistent info in different portions of their website. it looks a typo to me given that the difference is exactly 1 inch.

    1. Yes, see my note above. For official snow totals I use's site and click on the climate history for MSP and Chan to see their data. I do like CocoRaHS, too....... but it's not the 'official' data, and I suspect the folks on CocoRaHS may be connected to other nws sites for snow totals, too. For example, there is this one: BUT AGAIN: I say PWL did an awesome job of dancing this winter.

  30. Drop in the mic.

    Dancing worked, but wish there would have been more snow - a lot more.

    I am now ready for a string of 60s and 70s.

    But if a large, record-breaking snowstorm wanted to show itself, bring it!!

  31. Warmest day since Oct 9th 2019 (73 high that day).

  32. Early May snowstorm. Possible MSP direct hit. Look for Novak video soon.

  33. Your on crack! No snow till next fall.

  34. So it’s going to snow on Mother’s Day and yet no comments? Only happened one other time in history.

    1. Exactly!!!! And it was long ago. I was just about to see if anyone posted. Wooo hoooo. It might just be a 'dusting' in the metro, but just what we need during a pandemic. s-n-o-w. PWL would dance and say, 'Bring it!'

  35. I truly just want spring/summer to come now, but if we can break another record and it involves snow.....I say Bring It!!!!!

  36. Any accumulating snow will stay north of MSP tomorrow night. With that said, don't count out a few snow flakes on the backside of the system.

  37. Wrong! MSP will get measurable snow tonight. All you Anonymous are alike or are you the same one that said it won’t snow 6” again. U guys always doubting the snow gods!

    1. No? Its May 9th dude.. Listen I love snow but the ground is simply too warm for any accumulating snow and it wont be coming down hard enough to overcome the warmth. Sure we might get flurries but that will be the extent of it. I could see to the NE getting in on SOME accumulating snow over the heaviest bands of precipitation. But the high pressure to the north will be breaking the band down as it moves south. You need to chill out.

  38. When your right your right....I was hoping for a coating or some measurable amount. See you in the fall!

  39. el nino anyone?

  40. Tell me more! El NiƱo’s impact on winter and snow. Tell me more!!

  41. My post was implying el nino disipated.

    Major weather outlets forecasted that is the reason why hurricanes are ramped up

    NOAA just posted a watch for la nina.

    What la nina means for Minnesota winter?
    I'll say this
    I'm going to be betting on record shattering snowfall events throughout winter

  42. I can't believe Sven is gone from Kare 11 :(