Saturday, April 20, 2013

Groundhog Day in April -- Another April Snowstorm Possible

Unbelievable as it sounds, more snow seems likely headed this way. At least that's the sentiment of the National Weather Service and Tom Novak from @NovakWeather. Here's our latest video with Tom discussing the possibility of snow coming in Monday night into Tuesday.

The photos below were taken in Minnetonka Friday morning. Is a repeat performance in the offing?


  1. NWS taking a shot- 3-5 inches Monday night

  2. Plymouth Weather LoverApril 20, 2013 at 9:21 PM

    Novak is the man. He has nailed the last two storms!! #stud

  3. The last storm I used a line from Eden Prairie to Stillwater, as it sits right now the 20/12z runs of the UKMET and Euro are in relatively good agreement and that line again looks like a good reference point.

    Both the UKIE and the Euro drop a imbedded 700mb trough axis into sw MN which forces a slightly deeper 850mb-925mb low pressure over west central WI to form.

    It's to early for snowfall amounts, but the NWS guess of 3-5" seems about right for the metro, however I could see it getting as high 5-7." Ok I cry uncle, I couldn't resist the temptation on throwing that out there LOL!!! The NW metro this time could be spared the higher amounts, but enough could fall to make the morning commute troublesome on Tues.


    Uncle! Uncle! I am sorry for every time I have ever whined about too hot, too humid, too many mosquitoes. Just, please, make it STOP!

    What is the April record? If my math is correct, central Carver county may be over 20 inches for the month!

  5. @ Tom Novak


    I understand what diffluence(sp) and and divergence look like on the maps. I understand that divergence in the upper levels have a area of weakening winds between two jet streaks. Because the area between the upper jet streaks has less dense air, and that mother nature wants to keep a column of air at equal pressure, it has no other choice but to replace that upper void with air from the lower levels thus causing lift and disturbed weather.

    But does not difullence act in the same way? Say for instance at the H5 level the black lines(don't want to throw more met jargon out here) get wider over a certain area. That means winds at that level are moving air in different directions causing a void, and again mother nature wants to stay in balance and has no other choice but replace that air from below, again causing lift and disturbed weather. Is my understanding correct?

    Thanks Randy

  6. Oh please no!! I have been out in Cali since the 16th and my loving hubby extended my stay till Tues the 23rd from the 20th to spare me the snow mess now there is more on the way???!!!!!! Ugh.

  7. Right on Randy. Your explanation appears correct to me. It is all about the displacement of air and keeping a balance in the atmosphere. You often have divergence AND diffluence when a large storm is evolving hence the severe T'Storms ahead of a jet streak in the diffluence area and the pivoting comma head in the area of divergence on the nose of a jet streak.

  8. New video (with Patrick Hammer of KSTP):

    1. Bill, Tom and Patrick - It was great to get all that insight into the upcoming system for Monday night as well as all the other topics. Thanks for taking the time to present that.

      If anyone hasn't checked out the youtube video referenced above, it is worth your time.