Sunday, April 21, 2013

Looking Past the Snow: Eyes on Weekend Warmup

While there's still a bit more snow to get past -- at least according to the forecasters -- we're going to shift our focus to the warmer weather expected to arrive late this week and into the weekend. Here are temperatures forecast for the Friday-through-Sunday period from various weather outlets. Note that national forecasters Accuweather and The Weather Channel.

This is the forecast from The Weather Channel as of Sunday evening.

WCCO: 60/63/60
KSTP: 58/60/63
KMSP: 56/59/62
KARE: 60/na/na
NWS: 58/59/62
TWC: 67/71/67
Accuweather: 68/72/67


  1. Is it taboo to talk about the snow here since its a thread about the warmth?.....I am shocked though that Disco80 isn't. the first to comment about the warmth(enjoy it, its long overdue, except let's keep those 90's away all summer please).Anyhow about the snow it seems the NWS seems less bullish about it for tommorrow tonight,I believe their forecast is 2-4 for the whole metro. One side note, did anyone read Dave Dahl's blog tonight he is calling for "several more inches of snow could fall" Wednesday night,first I have heard of this....Ws has 30% of rain/snow but that is all.....anyone have anything to add about the prospect of more snow on Wednesday?

  2. Plymouth Weather LoverApril 21, 2013 at 10:46 PM

    NAM says 8-10. Are you kidding me? Here we go again??