Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forecasters Weigh in on Snow Possibilities for Monday

As of mid-day Friday, there's a general sense that a Vikings snowstorm is no cinch. While WCCO still calls for a "few inches on Monday," KMSP alludes only to a "threat for snow" and KARE provides no specifics. KSTP seems to question snow the most, saying "confidence is low with storms tracks being all over the place." They also say it "doesn't look like a big deal" and that southern Minn. stands the best chance of a plowable storm. The National Weather Service has lowered the probably of snow to 40% on Monday. The last update from the Star Tribune (last night) notes a "growing possibility of accumulating snow." Look for a complete update late tonight.

The next possibility of accumulating snow is Monday. But it's still early to bank on snow at the bank for the Vikings game. Here's a first look at Monday snow possibilities from the meteorological ensemble as of Thursday night:

WCCO. "Snow mainly in the southern half of Minnesota. A few inches. "Some models say 4 to 8 inches but that seems extreme this far out."

KSTP. "Could be interesting. Tracking developing storm. Will let you know more when it gets closer."

FOX: "A great looking system on the charts. Could be talking 3 to 5 inches with decent regional snows."

KARE: "It's still early but we may need to get the shovels and plows ready once again."

NWS: 50% chance of snow on Monday.

MPR/Paul Huttner: "If the potential Monday system stays on track, we could be looking at a few inches of snow for the Vikings game."

Star Tribune/Paul Douglas: No current information. Is anybody home?

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