Saturday, December 18, 2010

Less Gungho on a Nostalgic Viking Snowstorm Monday

Two guys that would be happy to watch outdoor football. (Photo courtesy Fuzzy Mutt Photos)

Prospects for a snowy Vikings game appear to be dimming according to virtually all forecasters as of Friday night, meaning nostalgia may have to take a back seat to reality. The latest:

WCCO: Models pushing precipitation a little farther south. There will be fairly significant accumulation... just a matter of how far north.

KSTP: The track of this snow seems to be south of the metro.

Fox:  As we head into our Vikings Monday we're still due for some snow. How much has yet to be determined as the storm still hasn't materialized just yet

KARE: Still a plethora of scenarios for this next system, so stay tuned. We could just get a little snow or several inches for some spots.

Star Tribune: Mostly cloudy with a growing potential of some snow accumulations south

MPR/Paul Huttner: The latest models are hinting at the potential for snow next Monday into Tuesday. Stay's too early to make a call yet.

NWS: Chance of snow on Monday is 40%. Potential for significant snow accumulations is still there for south central and west central Minnesota.


  1. Don't know if the last comment got to you...

    Do you follow just the Twin Cities Metro or others?

    I may have one for you...(SE MN and some of the TC metro): or

    Plus he watches the other forecasters as well and has comments.

  2. I'm guessing tonights news will be more gungho. Models jumped north again today, just like before the big storm last week. GFS puts the heaviest band from Pipestone to the Twin Cities.

    Could be another decent storm. Also, the huge storm coming on shore in the Pacific (3 to 5 feet in the Sierra Nevadas) will probably affect the region late next week as there is no sign of the pattern changing.

  3. @Jon Thanks for the heads up. For now, just the Twin Cities.

    @CW2190 Indeed, you are correct!