Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow Assessments for Vikings Monday

Sunday night update: There's a reasonable spread among the local weather gurus for Monday's storm. KSTP/Dave Dahl is the most jazzed on this storm, putting the Twin Cities in a 6-10 snow band. Others are calling for 4-7 inches and still others fall in between. It's shaping up to be a real test of the local weather peeps. Follow us on Twitter for frequent updates on the ensemble's prediction for Monday's storm.
Sunday morning update: The weather outlets that provided updates Sunday morning have increased snowfall projections. A little disappointing that no updates have been provided by four weather outlets a full 12 hours after the last update.
Less than 48 hours from the expected arrival of the next snow, all forecasters are gaining confidence on a Monday/Tuesday snowstorm. FOX seems particularly confident, calling for up to 8 inches of snow by Tuesday. Others see somewhat lower accumulations. Forecasters also have begun to consider prospects for an additional snowfall on Thursday. Here's a recap based on forecasts obtained Saturday mid-evening.

Sunday p.m. 5-9 inches for metro. Highest amounts toward the northeast.
Sunday a.m. 4 to 8 inches Monday afternoon and Monday night (source WCCO radio, not channel 4)
Sat p.m: Probably enough to shovel and plow with next system. A chance for a little bit of light snow Thursday.

Sunday p.m. 8 inches. 3 inches by 6 p.m; 6 inches by 9 p.m; 8 inches by midnight.
Sunday a.m: Now forecasting 4 to 8 inches. Timeline: snow begins after lunch. 2.5 inches by 5 p.m; 4 inches by 7:30; 4.5 inches by 10 p.m; 5 inches by midnight.
Sat p.m. 3 to 6 inches from Monday afternoon through early Tuesday. Higher amounts south and west of metro. A chance of snow on Thursday -- no mention of scope.

Sunday p.m. 5 to 8 inches
Sunday a.m. 6 to 7 inches
Saturday p.m. 4 to 5 inches of snow Monday/Tuesday. A 40% chance of snow Thursday and Thursday night

Sunday p.m. 4-7 inches; more north.
Sunday a.m: No update available.
Sat. p.m. Provided full details on timing for Monday snow. "Snow beginning around lunch time; 2-4 inches of snow by kickoff, 4-5 inches at the two-minute warning.  On the way to 8+ in or very close to the Twin Cities." Thursday another few inches of snow as a system clips us from MSP and to the south.

Sunday p.m. 4-7 inches with heaviest on the northwest side of the metro.
Sunday a.m. No update available.
Sat p.m. Most of daylight hours on Monday dry. Several inches looking more and more likely. Another chance of accumulating snow on Thursday.

Star Tribune/Paul Douglas
Sunday p.m. 4-8 inches
Sunday a.m. No update available
Sat p.m. 3 to 6 inches for Monday/Tuesday. Most of Thursday moisture looks to stay south, "but it's still early in the game."

MPR/Paul Huttner
Sunday p.m. 4-8 inches
Sunday a.m. No update available.
Saturday p.m. No update available.

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  1. Too bad this will stop us from seeing the lunar eclipse on Monday night.