Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nature's New Year's Eve Party Mix on Tap for Friday

As of Thursday evening at 7 p.m., the consensus prediction for Friday’s winter “event” is substantially unchanged, which is to say that a small amount of freezing rain and sleet will change to snow. FOX and KARE call for no more than an inch while MPR is on the high end with 1-4 inches of snow possible. Will provide one last forecaster update tomorrow morning with grades to follow by Saturday morning. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive an alert when the grades come out.

WCCO: “We’ll have a ‘phase change’ tomorrow. Maybe an inch or two when it’s done on Saturday morning.”

KSTP: 1-3 inches of snow/sleet

FOX: Not much more than a dusting to an inch when we get through with snow on Sat a.m.

KARE: Up to an inch of sleet and snow

MPR: A glancing blow that could produce one to four inches of snow Friday into Friday evening for the metro.

NWS: Winter weather advisory issued. Snow and sleet accumulation up to one inch. Ice accumulation around one tenth of an inch.

Star Tribune: MSP metro: 1" of ice (sleet/freezing rain), then 1" of snow Friday night.


  1. Snow increases from Mr.Paul Douglas,now up to 2-4 inches,storm is getting closer and totals trending up,friday will be interesting!

  2. He's the only one who's raised his totals.

  3. bill....hes the only one awake,he always has his update for the next day around 11pm,in fact if you read the entire blog he says/shows one model showing 4-5in. totals,lets see what the others think in the morning

  4. The trick is for each "forecaster" to waffle the predictions enough times so that at least some people remember the correct result when one of the totals comes out correct. That's all they care about and they will pretend that they were correct, because one of their several predictions came out "right". Now thanks to this blog, they will have a harder time convincing some people they were "correct" because there is now some historical reference and documentation being kept throughout the process. The worst nightmare for these forecasters is that this blog goes viral in the state of MN.

  5. I tend to agree! And, of course, I'm all for the site going viral. :-)

  6. ...except that Bill has stated previously that the "grades" are based on his perception of the forecast, like last week when he "nailed" everyone for being off on Tuesday for an event that occurred on Thursday. I appreciate the content here but this site isn't nearly objective enough to provide anything more than entertainment.


  7. There's certainly nothing scientific about it but I do try to put myself in the shoes of the "average" viewer or reader. You have to take it for what it's worth.

    As for the Tuesday "nailing," I think they shouldn't be so quick to make assertions that leave them open to being wrong. Perhaps a response to media pressure?