Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Eve Storm Potential

Update: The possibility of snow seems to be inching back into the picture as part of the second half of a late-week storm. As of Monday night, here's what forecasters were saying:

WCCO: Rain transitioning to snow Friday night; probably just flurries
KSTP: Amount of snow uncertain. Potential for significant snow, wind and cold for New Years Eve. Have to keep a close eye on it.
FOX: Snow could accumulate very quickly from Friday p.m. to Saturday a.m.
KARE: "Does look as though we'll get a little snow."
Star Tribune: Blog headline reads: "Plowable" Snow New Years Eve? Also identified the potential of 3 to 6 inches of snow.
MPR: Notes the possibility of a "one-two punch" with rain/freezing rain/sleet from Wed. night through Thursday and the possibility of a period of moderate to heavy snow on Friday into New Years Eve. No mention of accumulation amounts.

As of Sunday night: The much talked about late week storm is now on the horizon. However, what seemed like a possible snowstorm or ice storm several days ago, now seems like it will largely be a rain event according to virtually all weather outlets. Several mention the possibility of a wintery mix at the start of the event some time on Thursday and see a possible changeover to snow showers later on Friday night. Since all forecasters project essentially the same weather as of late Sunday night, individual forecasts are not provided. As variability in the individual forecasts develops, we will provide details.

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  1. Let the waffling begin,Paul Douglas has 3-6 for Friday with a question mark,kstp's Patrick hammer said Friday could be snowy scenario if the cold air catches up with the storm,NWS on their discussion page said one model has significant snows for the metro while another has heavy snow to the nw of the metro. Me personally with the way this winter has gone we will be hit again with snow!