Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dimming Prospects for Chrismas Eve Eve Snow

While acknowledging that it still bears watching, most local weathercasters think the chances of significant snow in the Twin Cities on Thursday are small. Note that FOX and KSTP have lowered their expectations significantly. Here's an updated progression on how the weather gurus see Thursday's snow or lack thereof. The next update on the possibilities of this storm will be Wednesday morning.

Tuesday a.m.  "Evidence suggests it will (mostly) be a miss."
Monday p.m. More accumulating snow. Enough to shovel and maybe plow. Range of 1 to 5 inches.
Sunday p.m. Chance of snow on Thursday. Could again be something we have to shovel and plow.

Tuesday a.m. Chance of light snow Thursday evening. Favoring southern Minn.
Monday p.m. A couple of inches of snow
Sunday p.m. Could be a couple of inches but it may be even bigger than this one [Monday storm].

Tuesday a.m. Most will stay south and west of metro
Monday p.m. Forecast not obtained
Sunday p.m. 3 to 6 inches of snow

Tuesday a.m. Models taking storm to south. Still bears watching.
Monday p.m. Another snowstorm expected on Thursday. Brunt looks to be in southern Minn.
Sunday p.m. decent possibility of a couple more inches of snow on Thursday. Probably not as much as Monday storm.

Star Tribune
Tuesday a.m. No update regarding Thursday.
Monday p.m. Could see accumulations, esp. southern Minn.
Sunday p.m. Could be more snow accumulations, especially in southern Minnesota.

Tuesday a.m. A 40% chance of snow Thursday p.m. and Thursday night
Monday p.m. A 40% chance of snow Thursday p.m. and Thursday night
Sunday p.m. A 40% chance of snow on Thursday.

Tuesday a.m. Looks like brunt of storm in SW Minn. and Iowa. Twin Cities on edge.
Monday p.m. Forecast models at odds on Thursday. Favored model steers its south; another takes it into the Twin Cities
Sunday p.m. No mention of Thursday weather


  1. Please consider a webcam so we can actually see Minnesota weather -- real time.

    Thank you,

  2. As resources allow, we'll consider doing just that. Thanks for your interest, Minisodagirl.