Saturday, January 29, 2011

February Eve Flakes Seen Likely by Local Weathercasters

Sunday morning update:
KARE has now provided specifics for their snow accumulation forecast, calling for a 2 to 5-inch snowfall. KSTP has increased forecast totals to 3 to 6 inches from 2 to 4 inches. The NWS has issued a winter weather advisory.

Accumulating snow continues to be in cards for the last day of January according to the aggregate of the Twin Cities' finest meteorologists. As of mid-evening on Saturday, the range of predictions is generally between 2 and 6 inches. Here are the latest forecasts:

"What?? More snow? You kiddin' me?" (courtesy Fuzzy Mutt Photos)
WCCO: 2 to 6 inches, heaviest south
KSTP: 2 to 4 inches
FOX: 3-5 inches per TV news (2-4 inches per tweet)
KARE: "At least a few inches"
Strib: 3 to 6 inches
NWS: 4 to 6 inches

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  1. From Thursday's weather blog: "No headline-grabbing storms are in sight the next 2 weeks, just a couple of clippers capable of a coating in the metro, maybe a few inches near Duluth."
    Two days later: "Potentially Plowable?"; "Monday Mess?"
    How are all those models working for you Paul? LOL

  2. I honestly don't understand why he doesn't address that in his blog. Nobody would, or should, think weather people should be perfect, but if you establish a dialog with an audience and don't comment on things that seem to constitute a 180-degree turn, you're asking to have your credibility questioned.

  3. I for one would definitely not say anything that goes two weeks out. With the way things fluctuate, saying that anything is certain after 7 days is taking a shot in the dark.

  4. why are my comments being deleted?
    I am alerting people as to why it is difficult to predict the weather. The gulf stream stopped june 12. Douglas has talked bout chemtrails. This affects the climate.
    This blog may be private, but censoring info keeps the public in the dark. Maybe you only want attention, tinking you are making fools of forecasters, when you only proved predicting the weather is a crap shoot. good day.

    Clippers, "Chemtrails" and the Hallelujah Chorus

  5. Annonymous "Chemtrails" person,
    I'm removing these comments because they don't seem relevant to what we're doing, which is evaluating the performance of local weathercasters. We'll leave this one comment in.

  6. You're right on Bill. If you make a bold prediction and it doesn't pan out (or it changes as weather will do), then just man up and acknowledge the fact that you didn't get it right this time. I'm so tired of these forecasters just moving along and pretending yesterday never happened. Douglas seems to be the worst at the hyperbolic language he uses in his forecasting (late week thaw, nasty artic outbreak with highs below zero for several days, not a significant snow in sight, etc.).

  7. While not really related to Minnesota weather, I'll most this link to the blog of a NWS meteorologist from Dodge City.

    It does show how they look at more then just how much snow the models show.

  8. Weather forecasting is not an easy task and takes a lot of calculations .One never knows that something can take a 180 degree shift . It's all according to God's will.

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