Saturday, January 15, 2011

Forecasters Tracking Meatier Clipper for Sunday Night/Monday

Seems like all these "clippers" are looking the same ... but our local forecasting futurists are looking at one that may be a little bigger than the last few bouts of snow. As of Friday night, all weather outlets are predicting a strong likelihood of snow by Monday morning (in time for the morning rush hour). KSTP and Fox are noting the possibility of 2-4 inches and 2-5 inches, respectively, whereas others have not assigned any snowfall potential yet. Here's the snow forecast recap as of Friday night:

WCCO: Snow, no amounts given
KSTP: Snow, 2-4 inches possible
FOX: Snow, 2-5 inches possible
KARE: Snow likely, no amounts given
NWS: 1 inch late Sunday night; "light accumulations" Monday
Strib: 1-2 inches

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