Saturday, January 29, 2011

Game On! Forecasters See Possibility of Accumulating Snow for Monday

After the threat of Monday snow seemed largely dead as of Thursday night (with several weather outlets not including any mention of snow), the possibility came back during the day on Friday. As of late Friday night, there was consensus that at least some snow is on the way for Monday. Here's the latest forecast summary for late Sunday night into Monday as of late Friday night except otherwise noted:

WCCO:  Could be a few inches; 3-4 in southern MN
KSTP: One or two inches could fall for Monday morning commute.  Most snow in southern MN: Overall forecast details for Monday not clear. (information as of 6 p.m.)
FOX: Chance of 1-3 inches Monday afternoon (information as of 5 p.m.)
KARE: Light snow with possible light accumulations
Strib: 2-5 inches
NWS: 50 percent chance of snow

More details regarding the progressive forecasts of all weather outlets for this storm can be found here.


  1. Bill:

    It seems like things have ramped up a little based on the new model runs that are in. I'm going with 5-8" for metro, 8-12 for southern MN.
    This is based on the data provided by the NAMM, GEM, and Euro models. The GFS is weaker than the other three.


  2. Wow, interesting Randy. In fairness to some of the forecasters whose forecasts were summarized in this post, there were some that were based on info available through 6 p.m.

  3. understood Bill, it will be interesting to see the forecast tomorrow morning.

  4. who talks about the daily high reached at midnight. My desktop temp said 30˚ when I went to bed around 11pm
    And showed 30˚ before 7am. 8am, 28˚.

    who is talking about the major storm coming in the south?

    Groundhog Day Storm May Affect More than 100 Million People

  5. I'm with Randy. The models didn't really show anything interesting until late Friday night. Thursday, I saw the models beginning to spike upward on the snow totals Monday, but wasn't sure if it was an anomaly in the runs and waited to see if the trend continued.

  6. Bill just to let you know a Winter Storm Watch has been hoisted for west central and southern MN.

  7. Randy, I think you're a bit optimistic. The models have been all over the place for this one and the past storms. Now they're firming up. Looks like an OV event for the major storm. Th MN precip looks to be due to an elongated trough and WAA attached to the system.

  8. I'm a little confused. Didn't Douglas say on his blog a little over a day ago "no significant snow in sight?" Now it says "plowable snow event on the way". How can it change so much in a span of 36 hours (or less)?

  9. Anon #1 I'm sticking with it

    Anon#2 The progression of the Arctic ridge has slowed way down allowing the the disturbance from British Columbia to take a more northern route.