Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Forecasters in Sync on Snow; Will There Be Cold Consensus?

Ongoing Snow Event: As of late Monday night, forecasts for the ongoing Monday/Tuesday snowfall appear well on track. Although official grades will likely come out late Tuesday night, it looks like a number of rare and long-awaited ‘A’s are in store.

Looking Ahead: Here’s a recap of forecasts for Friday (possible snow) and Sunday (possible coldest day of winter so far). As noted here, we're tracking the predicted weekend cold wave to see how the roster of forecasters performs. Feel free to score at home by following our cold wave "scoresheet."

Friday: “Things get interesting. Early indications suggest 1-2 inches possible.
Sunday: High of 5
Of note: It could get even colder (pretty far below zero) Tuesday and Wednesday before things warm up by the end of the week.

Friday: A little light snow, but it doesn't look like much at this point.
Sunday: High of 12
Of note:  When the cold air breaks early next week, we could be in for some more significant snow.

Friday: Another inch of snow possible with a weak clipper system
Sunday: High of 5

Friday: Cloudy with snow in the afternoon and evening with some accumulations
Sunday: High around 0 degrees.

Friday: 30 percent chance of snow
Sunday: High of 7

Star Tribune
Friday: Another inch of snow possible from a Friday clipper
Sunday: Another clipper, 1-2" powder late? High: 4
Of note: Arctic cold wave will be relatively brief - long range guidance hinting at a significant thaw for Minnesota after January 24, the last week of January may bring a streak of 30s, even a 40-degree high. It may even be warm enough for rain.

Friday: no details provided
Sunday: It’s possible temps may stay below zero

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