Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Cold Will She Go?

Photo courtesy of Fuzzy Mutt Photos
There's a fair amount of variability in the forecast for tonight's low temperature, thought by most to be the coldest night of winter so far, and maybe for the whole winter. Here's where the gaggle of forecasters sits as of 7 p.m. Thursday night (and hopefully a forecast guess from TMF is not TMI):

WCCO: -13
KSTP: -15
FOX: -19
KARE: -14
NWS: -17
Star Tribune: -15
MPR: -21
TMF: -11

What's your guess as to how low it will go? Check the poll at the right.

A full scorecard of the last several days' forecasts for this not-really-epic cold event may be found here: TMF is on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Looks like TMF should leave the forecasting to the meteorologists...

    Minneapolis/St. Paul Int'l Airport: -16
    St. Paul Holman Field: -17
    Crystal: -22
    Blaine: -20*
    Lake Elmo: -27*
    Flying Cloud Airport (Shakopee): -21
    Lakeville: -29*

    * = Coldest on-hour temperature, could have been colder between observations.

    -- Kevin.

  2. Extreme heat island effect. Metro 10 to 14 degrees warmer then surrounding areas.